Physical Education: Do Our Kids Need It?

Physical education is the course introduced during schooling of kids. With increasing demand of kids with high IQ, the system is pushing away the physical education out of the curriculum and is getting replaced by unrelated subjects.  Burden of books and excess pressure among kids to compete for the Top Three have constrained them to their study room.

How physical education can help the kids in future and why it is needed?

Kids being preoccupied in their rooms and left baffled with their puzzled questionnaire often develop health issues. Lack of physical activity slowly cripple the functioning of the body and leave the mind exhausted. On a detailed study of physical education, its biggest positive impact was seen on the health of the kids. Physical education boosts physical fitness. Physical activity such as sports helps in development of muscle, blood circulation and immune system at the early stage of kids.  Body composition, flexibility and coordination enhances with the period of time. Yoga, Karate or Ti chi (ancient martial art) work as stress busters for the kids. Objective of all the three activities is to increase concentration and generate positive vibes within the kids. A sense of self confidence springs in kids, and they can think and decide in a much positive way. Such activities will not only excel kids in sports but in their academics too.


Physical education course that deals in soccer, basket ball, cricket or sports that involve groups of kids tend to develop the cooperation and responsibility for each other. Leadership traits and accountability of their actions gradually progress during their schooling days. Sense of responsibility and commitment tends to develop easily if physical education is provided through a good coach. Statistical finding has pointed out that most of the parents have always back footed while favoring for physical activities of their kids. Over protective, fear of losing the games and waste of time were a few astonishing facts that were highlighted during the survey.

Being protective is not wrong but being overprotective is just making the kids ignorant towards the real fact of life and social responsibilities. If a kid losses a game, it doesn’t symbolizes the kid is a loser. Physical education is not about winning and losing the games. It is to motivate them and to keep the winning spirit alive in their minds. Wastage of time is the oldest and a common myth existing in a parent’s mind. The fact mentioned above contradicts such myth. Physical education is an excellent way to develop kids mind, body and soul and promises a productive and healthy adulthood.