Significance of a Uniform in the School

Let it be a private or public school, most of them have their own dress code for their students. Every morning when we go for a walk, we watch the kids rushing towards their schools in different uniforms. Sometimes, we wonder the significance of a uniform of a school.

Why is it important for the kids to be in uniform? Does it make any difference?

The biggest impact of a uniform is that it depicts the sense of uniformity in each student. Uniform hides the social status of kids and creates the aroma of equality among kids. Whether the kids belong to a royal family or come from a servile community, sense of equality and uniformity persists among the kids. Being in uniform, it also generates the sense of discipline among students and belonging to a particular institution. Students get a complete environment to concentrate on their studies and are not carried away by other distraction. Pride and bonding develop among the kids, this improves their attendance and self confidence germinates in them.

Miscreants from other schools or from outside the premises could easily be identified. Thus prevent the mishap before hand and safety of kids is well maintained.

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A few schools that missed implementing the uniform in their premises often run into trouble in various areas. Students wearing trendy dresses often create an inferiority complex among each other.  A small power group starts developing in the premises depending on the money, dress and power. Kids often get lured to such dresses and money and in no time get involved in wrong doing. Some parents do cry about the financial burden of uniform implemented by the school. School is the stepping stone for each kid. Grooming them in the best way is our priority. A uniform may not be mandatory in a school,but its absence is questionable.

Uniform is panache of discipline and equality, kids should be proud of it.