Safe Schools, Healthy Kids

Long time ago my school was a part of a great program named:Safe Schools, Healthy Kids takes a comprehensive approach to developing a safe school.I will present you below what was that program all about and why I think it should be implemented in every school.

Violence Prevention

  • The impact the media has on establishing fear
    Pathways to violence
    Understanding the psychology of “school shooters”
    Understand the statistics behind violent juvenile crime
    Understanding what works in school discipline
    Establishing a safe and responsive school
    Early warnings and early interventions
    Minimizing the negative effects
    Understanding the effect of bullying

Physical Security

  • Why and who should conduct a physical assessment
    Types of assessments and reporting
    Environmental design
    Traffic Flow
    Policies and Procedures
    Access Control
    Electronic Surveillance
    Bomb threats–planning, searches, threat assessment and evaluation
    School and Community Relations
    Proven communication techniques
    Preparation for dealing with the media
    Understanding the news media’s values
    Media “do’s” and don’ts”
    How to control an interview

Plus, activities for you to use at your school to help create a safer, healthier school for your students and staff.