Daily Archives: February 3, 2015

Perfect School – My way

I will present below what a perfect school and education system should look like.

Identify the essential learnings necessary, integrate curriculum where possible, connect curriculum to real-life application and design high quality work to engage students. Understand the power of developing a personal plan for progress.

Instructional Strategies
Learn how to select multiple instructional strategies based on the learning style of your students. Learn how to become a facilitator of learning for your students.

School Environment
Establish a safe and healthy school climate for teaching and learning and an atmosphere of responsibility, ownership and student advocacy.

Understand the importance of establishing a forward-thinking technology plan and how to effectively implement the use of technology in the classroom.

Organization and Time
Understand the traditional schedule and why its time has passed. Learn the benefits of alternative schedules and how they can impact student achievement.

Learn a variety of ways to assess student knowledge, comprehension, application and critical thinking skills.

Professional Development
Learn how to design and implement a staff development plan that yields results. Learn how to create a learning community, implement an in-service program and how to make professional development a continuous process.

Diversity within a school community can enrich the learning experience. Hear how lesson plans can be taught and resources can be uncovered to teach using multiple perspectives.

What is the function of a school board? High performing schools define the roles and responsibilities of the board, the administration and the faculty and how to involve the community in decision making to gain consensus.

School administrators and teachers need to know how to look beyond the traditional funding sources to expand educational initiatives. Learn how a multi-faceted approach can work for your school.

Ties to Higher Education
Establish relationships with institutions of higher learning as well as community and government resources to assist students in their transition from high school. Learn how to involve higher education in your academic program.

Learn the characteristics of a good leader and hear how high performing schools encourage leadership within the faculty. Learn how good leaders gain consensus and involve all stakeholders in decision making.